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One of the most evergreen gifts items must be an umbrella. It can block you from the sun and shelter you from the rain, both protecting you from the cold and the heat.


Many companies have been using umbrellas as corporate gifts. It has a good analogy of providing your customers with a security and protecting, lending support to the customer.Umbrella with more than 28 solid colour printing


An umbrella is considered a large item as a corporate gift. The umbrella size and feel good factor adds to the wide use of umbrellas as a corporate gift. Most insurance companies and banks are still using umbrellas as a favoured gift.


As a large gift, the umbrella has a large printing area; good for those who require big marketing space to print the logos. We have on record a company that prints more than 28 colours on all panels of the umbrellas. Of course with such number of colours printing, it cannot be printed by a normal process. The printed are printed in 4C panel by panel and sewn together beforehand to make the umbrella. Also the quantity ordered is huge by Singapore standards.


There are many different types of umbrellas, Many golf events will request for the big golf umbrellas with big logo emblazoned on the panels. Very often, the golf umbrellamost commonly requested umbrellas are the 21 inches umbrellas with one colour logo printing on one panel. This style of umbrellas fits both the men and the ladies and is not too big to carry up the trains nor too small to provide shelter from the vagaries of the weather.


A very new fad is the bottle umbrella. Its packaging is shaped like a bottle. A good advertising for those in the drink business, from soft drinks, to wine bottles. It is also a great gift for those celebrating a memorable anniversary..Giving a bottle umbrella instead of wine to surprise everyone.Bottle umbrellas as new corporate gifts.


The bottle umbrella is still quite a new product and many people have not really seen nor touch one. It is still a surprise for many people to have receive it.

For those that wants a fail safe gift to accomodate everyone in the group as well as meeting the objectives of giving out umbrellas as corporate gifts, we have a large selection of umbrellas in our listing. Umbrellas such as 3 folds, 3 folds automatic, umbrellas with aluminium shafts, with ultra violet protection are all in our collection.


Check out the full range of our selection of umbrellas corporate gifts. You never know that there are so many types and variation in umbrellas.


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